March 27-31, 2017


Talking about the things that matter to you.

The Whole Woman Virtual Summit is a week-long, online summit curated to bring you new, passionate voices in the areas of


Each speaker and topic has been carefully selected to address the topics that matter to you -- from how to take care of your brain, your body, and your soul, to how to become your best possible self in your work and relationships, and how to make the world a better place through engaging in social justice.

Best of all? You can attend in your bunny slippers, because everything is virtual.




Lisa is this funny, creative, visionary whose heart and passion is to see women around the world do well.

Lisa Alexander headshot.jpg

Lisa wants women to understand their worth, know they have a voice and be courageous enough to share their story and to live their truth. Lisa believes young girls have a right to an education and that all women deserve to live free of sexual assault and abuse. In order for that to happen, she understands that cultural norms have to shift and a new understanding adopted for this to be so.

She partners with organizations to help make those shifts and also founded This Woman Knows—an organization dedicated to empowering women globally through personal and business development. Lisa helps women silence their inner critic and dismiss what she likes to call, “throwed-off thinking” so they can move forward in their lives.

Lisa is called to share her own past experiences of confusion and self-doubt that eventually turned into confidence and a life lived out loud. She evolved into a woman who knows her truth and teaches women and young girls the same through her books and blogs, and speaking opportunities. Read more about Lisa.



Kerry believes everyone was created for a purpose, and she's passionate about helping women not only discover what it is, but to also make it a reality. 

Kerry Connelly

Kerry Connelly is a Certified Christian Life Coach and Human Behavior Specialist with over 25 years experience in Corporate, Non-Profit and Entrepreneurship. She writes a popular blog called Jerseygirl, Jesus and in January of 2016, she founded DoveWriters, the Christian Writer's Incubator. Kerry is a successful business consultant who specializes in strategic operations through her company Vision to Mission, and was recently named a finalist as a New Jersey Leading Women Entrepreneur, and is a graduate of the New York City Leadership Fellows program.


Kerry is passionate about helping women succeed in life and in business, and especially about finding their life's purpose. She believes that everyone is here for a reason -- to make the world a better place. Very often, women know there's something important they should be doing, but they are not clear on what it is or how to start. 

As a coach, Kerry helps her clients discover their passions, interests, skills and expertise to uncover their life's purpose. Then, she helps them craft a step by step action plan to make their dream a reality -- and holds them accountable to it. 

After years of working with, coaching, and studying successful people, Kerry developed the Your LIFE: On PURPOSE curriculum. This six-module course helps women not just uncover their purpose but also create a strategic plan to bring that purpose to life.  Read more about Kerry.