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Alyssa Snow

Alyssa helps women entrepreneurs accomplish more by doing less, to awaken their inner wisdom and infinite creativity by mastering the mind.  By understanding when to DO and when to BE, the impossible becomes possible. 

She works wonders with both your business and soul. It's why she started her yoga studio. Working with her guarantees that you'll come through with a better understanding of who you are, why you are here and how to accomplish your goals in a joyful, easeful and profitable way. Big task? Sure. Alyssa figured out this magic formula for her own business and life and wants to help other women thrive as well. Visit Alyssa's site. 

April Peters

April is a soul-stirring singer-songwriter and recording artist with a driving passion to help women and children find freedom and discover their value in God. April became aware of the emotional scars and wounds of domestic violence and addiction on her own family and released her debut EP, Early Bloomer (2010) to tell through song her story of love, loss and the power of forgiveness.

April is committed to being a “voice for a cause” and has spoken and performed in support of Sickle Cell Awareness, Addict Recovery and Domestic Violence Awareness. April has served on missions to Paris and West Africa, where she performed and made radio appearances, encouraging Liberia's people and children scarred after civil war. Visit April's site

Azalea McKinney

When this Los Angeles native isn’t traveling the globe, reading a good book or spending time with her daughters, she gets her kicks helping entrepreneurial-minded women realize their business goal.

Since starting her first entrepreneurial endeavor as a Virtual Assistant back in 1998, this savvy and resourceful woman caught the serial entrepreneur bug and moved on to be the founder of the wildly successful, High Heel Junkie™, earning her the moniker STILETTOBOSS. She went on to purchase a digital marketing and events company called and later opened Houston-based brick and mortar business Shape Body Center in 2012. In addition, she’s embraced network marketing a an excellent source of passive income and has developed her own thriving business with a leading health and wellness company. Ultimately, she works with life-loving solopreneurs to help transform their bodies, businesses and bank accounts! Visit Azalea's site

Caryn O'Sullivan

 I am a wife, mother of 2 girls, and a formerly exhausted woman who, at one point, couldn’t not get through the day without a nap! I understand how low energy can interfere with your life, and prevent you from accomplishing what you want to do – or even getting anything done! I was always one of those kids who could eat anything and never gain weight.  That was, of course, until college. Month after month I gained pound after pound.  I was never really heavy, but it was enough weight gain to cause concern – and an eating disorder. Over the next seven years I worked to heal myself from those destructive years. I moved to Spain and started feeling better. Then I moved to England, and things got bad. I started suffering from migraines, blackouts, stomach issues, restless legs, low energy and eventually hearing loss, and no one could help me. There was no medical reason for my ailments. I was scared.

After a year of failed tests and being told it was “all in my head”, I turned to acupuncture, diet and faith.  I started to learn about how everything in the body is connected, and how what I eat affects how I feel. I changed my diet and had immediate results.  My eyes were opened and I knew health and food was my passion, and new path. Visit Caryn's site

Catrice M. Jackson

Catrice is a highly skilled Licensed Mental Health Practitioner and Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHP, LPC) with 15+ years of intensive mental health experience. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Psychology, has a M.S. in Counseling, a  B.S. in Criminal Justice, is a LPN and a Certified Domestic Violence Advocate and Trainer.

Empowering the lives of people is my passion. I embrace the opportunity to blend my rich psychology, counseling, social consciousness and leadership skills into messages that make an impact on the human experience to transform collective consciousness, communities and cultures. I’m on a relentless mission to make a difference and do work that is meaningful and inspire and empower others to do the same. I’m most passionate about social and racial justice because without either, people cannot fully thrive in life and thriving is everyone’s right. Visit Catrice's site

Cordelia Gaffar

Cordelia Gaffar is a fit mother of six and the founder of Workout Around My Day. Although an accountant by profession over the past 15 years, she has formulated a nutritional and fitness program to maintain health, to sustain optimal weight and to remain full of energy. Starting in 2010, she was a blogger ( ) and contributing writer to online family magazine. This was specific to fitness and nutrition for pregnant and nursing mothers and also discussed spiritual benefits of embracing motherhood. On her web site, she offers  stand-alone audio workouts, nutritional/fitness courses, and private coaching programs for prenatal, postpartum and weight loss. As the Renewal Fitness Specialist™, her current focus is help mothers to stay ahead of overwhelm with whole food and exercise hacks.

Her ebook, released December 26, 2015 is available on Amazon, The Guide: How to Get Started with Workout Around My Day, outlines the Workout Around My Day ™ method. Visit Cordelia's site

Dani Hughes

Dani Hughes is the Founding partner of Divine Asset Management and has over 23 years’ experience on Wall Street as a trader, investment banker, and thought leader. Independence, trust and transparency are the keys to Divine’s success.  In 2015 Divine was named Women-Owned Brokerage of the Year by Traders Magazine. Dani is a frequent guest on financial media including CNBC, FOX News and Yahoo. Visit Dani's site. 

Denika Carothers

Denika Carothers, a native from the island of the Bahamas, is a powerful speaker, life coach and author.  Her message is one of Love and Truth and is designed to invigorate, inspire and provoke her audience to step out of their comfort zone and live in their truth and power. Her inspirational and life changing perspective, which she arrived at by conquering her own life challenges, offers her clients and audiences a transformational view of how to ‘GROW’ through their challenges and conflicts.

As a Family Life Coach she works with families to identify the barriers in their life that cause emotional, mental and physical conflict. Referred to as “the bridge between your questions and your answers” by her clients and peers, she uses her own personal story of resilience, endurance, and faith that works under all conditions, to prove that success in life is not just about having confidence, or having the right pedigree, it’s about making right choices and being willing to overcome the inevitable obstacles that are bound to get in your way. Visit Denika's site

Gioia DeCari

The passionately eclectic Gioia De Cari is an actress, playwright, classical singer and "recovering mathematician." She began her performance career in experimental opera while a teaching fellow in mathematical logic at Harvard. Since then, she has played numerous leading acting roles in theater, commercials and films, including the multi-award-winning film Lower East Side Stories, which screened at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, Slamdance, and many festivals in the United States and internationally.

Gioia's Truth Values: One Girl's Romp Through MIT's Male Math Maze, an autobiographical story of her past life as a mathematician, has become a runaway national hit.  After receiving a Puffin Foundation grant, Truth Values premiered in the New York International Fringe Festival in August 2009, winning a FringeNYC Overall Excellence Award for Best Solo Show and enthusiastic reviews. The play received its regional premiere in September 2009, on the mainstage of the Central Square Theater in Cambridge, MA, where it sold-out an extended run and was nominated for an IRNE (Independent Reviewers of New England) award. Truth Values continues to be in demand for touring engagements at universities and performing arts centers throughout the United States. Visit Gioia's site

Idelette McVicker

Idelette is founder and Editor-in-Chief of She’s a writer, immigrant, mother of three and a restaurant wife. She loves Jesus, justice and living juicy.

Idelette is an Afrikaner woman, born and raised in South Africa during the Apartheid years. That story has both wrecked her and shaped a deep longing in her heart for a more free and equal world, alongside a humble passion for racial reconciliation. Her life journey took her to Taiwan where she drove a purple scooter, wrote for a daily newspaper and found Jesus around a table of women. In 1999, she moved to Canada and now home truly is the world. 

Connect with her on Twitter at @idelette, Instagram (@shelovesmag), Facebook (Idelette) or her blog at

Jory Micah

Jory Micah is a writer, speaker, minister, and advocate for gender equality in the Christian Church. She has a master's degree in biblical studies from Regent University and wrote her thesis on female leaders in the first and second centuries of the early church. Jory is passionate about Jesus, women moving forward, and her husband, Luke. Visit Jory's site

Kate Schell

Kate Schell is the founder of Digital Marketing Momma, where she helps mompreneurs build sales funnels, conquer Facebook pixels, and all the other technical stuff that tend to strike terror in the hearts of moms starting a business. She also recently started Mom Redo, a site dedicated to serving moms and helping them know they're not alone. 


Dr. Megan Fleming, PhD

Integrating the latest knowledge from neuroscience with evidence based clinical practices, I help you get the “Why” the level of change I talk about is possible, not just a dream or a hope or a wish. As a marriage counselor and sex therapist in New York City, I help my clients become conscious of the patterns in their lives, what they did and didn’t get from their parents, how they show up in the world and their relationships. They are better able to decide what they do and don’t want to hand down to their loved ones.

Dr. Megan is a Clinical Instructor of Psychology in Psychiatry, Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University. Ranked #1 Department by US New and World Reports 2015. She is also a Voluntary Faculty member, Department of Psychiatry, Beth Israel Medical Center Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva. Previous positions include Founder & Director, Sexual Health and Rehabilitation Program Beth Israel Medical Center, New York, NY and Attending Psychologist, Department of Pain Medicine and Palliative Care Beth Israel Medical Center, New York, NY. Visit Dr. Megan's site.

Osheta Moore

My name is Osheta. It's pronounced, "O-she-da" and so many people have asked if it means something. It doesn't. My dad just made it up. But if I were to go to Urban Dictionary and create a definition for my name it might say something like this:

An ESFJ mama who loves parties, people, and popcorn with red wine. A pastor's wife who is convinced God has a sense of humor. A Peacemaker who loves Jesus a lot and cusses... a little. An optimistic cookbook reader. A hopeless romantic. A goofball with a little bit of sass. Her life goal is to dance in a flash mob and embarrass the heck out of her teenager! Visit Osheta's site.

Shoshanna Hecht

I've been working with clients for over 10 years, helping them to navigate the ups and downs of life, and over time, I've become fascinated by the key role human relationships play in overall happiness and well-being. As a Personal Strategist, I work with clients to help them authentically own their role in their relationships. We humans don't do anything in isolation and since we can't control other people, what we've got to do is figure out how to notice our reactions and what we do with them. I'm passionate about helping clients get clear on the relationships they have & want in their life, assess how those relationships are going, 
and help make them as strong as they possibly can be.

I believe that our choices flow from our inter-connectedness, and it's very important that our relationships are intentional. Without work and attention, relationships lose their power and effectiveness over time. Visit Shoshanna's site

Valerie Sanchez

Valerie Sanchez is a Partner and Head of Client Relations for Divine Asset Management, and has 25 years' experience in the financial industry.  Valerie is Co-Creator of Divine WealthWise, Divine’s empowerment & financial education program. Valerie serves as liaison between our clients, vendors, advisors and the firm. Her primary focus is interacting with many different members of the client's team to organize and execute plans that ensure mutually beneficial relationships.  Valerie is also focused on creating a safe and transparent place where individuals can share their financial concerns and gain guidance to manifest their goals through our WealthWise program. Visit Val's site